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Dr R Khera was both professional and diligent at my initial consultation. The practice got me in for my meeting in a timely manner and the reception staff were very pleasant. I would highly recommend Dr Khera and Chingford Smile to anyone thinking about getting orthodontic treatments.

Teeth Straightening With Fixed Braces

Fixed metal braces, more traditionally known as ‘train tracks’ are very popular and one of the most commonly used teeth straightening treatments for our patients.

Metal brackets are placed on the front of the teeth enabling the orthodontist to accurately reposition your teeth in ways that may not always be possible with other more modern orthodontic treatments

Metal braces are used for both adults and children’s teeth straightening treatment. After being fitted, fixed standard braces will stay in place for a duration of three months to three years. However, the average treatment length would be one year to 18 months. For some people, it might be too difficult to live with a prominent appliance. When you visit your orthodontist for a consultation about teeth straightening, they will go through all the options. You may want to consider more discreet options available to you, such as fixed lingual braces or Invisalign treatment instead.

The Benefits Of Fixed Braces

  • Affordable
  • Provide faster treatment times
  • Strong and durable
  • Used for servere or complex dental problems
  • Rarely Break
  • Brackets don't discolour/stain with curry or black coffee
  • Options of wearing funky coloured bands that secure the wire to the brackets
  • Suitable for both adults and children

Frequently Asked Questions

For the first few days after your brace has been fitted, your teeth may be tender, especially when any pressure is applied to the teeth. This is normal and will get better soon, usually within 7 days. Simple painkillers

You will have been shown how to brush your teeth properly by the orthodontist or nurse – it is important to remember to brush well along the outer surfaces of your teeth with a regular toothbrush, as well as in between your braces with the smaller, inter-dental brushes in your starter pack. Don’t forget to use a fluoride mouthwash daily.

Treat your brace with care – avoid hard or sticky foods e.g. toffee or chewing gum. Foods like these cause breakages of the brace – breakages mean additional visits, which will lengthen your treatment time overall. Foods like apples, French bread and crispy-based pizza should be cut up before eating them or avoided completely.

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