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I have been a patient with Dr Khan. I am pleased with my treatment and results. I was made part of the overall treatment plan and the course had to change but it was all straightforward. The staff at the clinic are very helpful and amicable. The reminders for appointments are a plus. Would definitely recommend the practice.

Fixed white braces are a popular alternative to metal braces and are just as effective but much less noticeable. Many people are very conscious about wearing braces that look unsightly. This is a very popular orthodontic treatment in teens and adults.

They can be used to treat all orthodontic problems from straightforward to very complex. The treatment time is low, with typical cases taking around 6-12 months depending on the degree of complexity and amount of crowding. A more accurate estimation of treatment length is provided at the consultation

The Benefits

  • Low Visibility — This fixed brace system is far less obvious than metal braces.
  • Efficient — Treatment times are just as quick as any other orthodontic option available.
  • Great Value — This is the most cost-effective appliance available.

How It Works

The latest clear ceramic braces feature self-ligating brackets, which use a sliding clip to hold the wire in place instead of elastic bands. The benefits of these brackets are that appointments are usually quicker, and it will be will be easier to keep clean and fresh.

Most importantly, self-ligating braces create less friction, so we can move your teeth using lighter forces. They can also gently widen the arch of your smile, allowing us to treat some cases of crowding without removing any teeth.

Please go to our fees page to see our fixed brace costs. You can book a consultation with one of our orthodontic dentists; they will be happy to discuss your treatment needs with you and provide you a more accurate cost estimate. If you require finance please visit our payment plans.

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